Terms and Policies

Terms and Policies

Financial Terms


We do not store or save any sensitive data in our database. All records containing sensitive data such as the user’s credit or debit card number, its expiry date, and the CVC number will not be stored in NXG’s database. These records, with the exception of the CVC number, may be stored by a 3rd party PCI DSS compliant payment aggregator. NXG is not responsible for the storage or use of any data or records by such payment aggregator.

However, to create an account on our Site, all users must provide and verify an email address which will be safely stored in our data base. Verifying each user is essential for compliance related issues and to limit the number of users with duplicate accounts which can harm the competitive integrity of NXG’s esports events.

As part of our terms, users agree that they may be required to provide personal documentation such as government issued IDs, or any other document we deem necessary. This allows us to help protect the users and prevent our Site from being used for money laundering or fraud.

2- Purchases:

To perform a purchase on the Site, users must provide a verified mobile phone number for two-factor authentication. NXG uses two-factor authentication to add an extra layer of security to keep the user’s account safe, and verifies the user before proceeding with the transaction. NXG will send a short one-time password (OTP) to the user via SMS. The user must then enter the OTP in the pop up box to prove their identity and be able to proceed with the purchase.

Users purchase tickets and/or bundles which they can later redeem to use our Services. To purchase ‘Tournament’ tickets, users must visit the ‘Shop’ page. To purchase ‘Arena’ tickets, users must visit the ‘Shop’ page.

  • Ticket and Bundle purchases are non-refundable and have a maturity of 180 days since the last time the user used any event ticket. Users have 180 days to redeem (use) any ticket by registering to a Tournament or an Arena event before the ticket will be forfeited.
  • Tickets are considered as general entry: not purchased for a specific Tournament, video game, date, or time.
  • Tickets and bundles offered:
    • One Tournament ticket grants the user entry to one Tournament.
    • One Arena ticket grants the user 1 entry to an Arena Lobby.
    • The mixed bundles grant the user access to a varying number of Tournaments and Arena Lobbies.
    • Varying amounts of Stardust (SD) will be included with every purchase made with USD or GP or SD





3- Prizes:

Winners are decided based on their performances in a series of matches in their selected video game, making our esports events skill-based, not luck-based. NXG does not have knowledge of, nor does it have any way to asses, the probability of any member winning or that of any member losing and makes no representations about an individual member’s chances of winning. And as such, the results and winners of each Tournament and event offered on the Site will be determined by the Site, and such determinations are final. By registering and/or participating in any Tournament or Arena event, you agree to be bound by these determinations.  

Prizes are distributed in chests that can be claimed instantly at the event of any given event from the Inventory page. The chests will include either both Gravity Points (GPs) and Stardust (SD) for winners of the event or only SD for the rest of participants. GPs and SDs will be stored in your NXG wallet

Gravity Points:

Prior to purchasing tickets, the rules and regulations of events will be accessible to users, and they will have clear explanations on the virtual prizes they will earn and its fixed exchange rate in the case of GPs (100 GPs = 1 USD).

GPs can be used in two ways:

  • Winners can use their earned GPs to purchase new tickets and/or bundles, granting them access to new Tournaments and Arena Lobbies.
  • Winners can request to convert their GPs to an equivalent USD amount and ask for a withdrawal.


SD can only be used to purchase Arena tickets. They are not withdrawable to fiat currency.

4- Payments:

Once the user chooses the ticket(s)/bundle(s) they would like to purchase, they will be taken to a different page where they will select a payment method available. The payment methods offered will be explicitly displayed on the Site, and the user is free to choose the payment option that suits them best. We offer a range of payment options, such as Credit and Debit Card payment (VISA, MasterCard). We are constantly introducing new payment methods as we partner with more payment providers. To learn more about our payment methods, click here.

The user will be required to provide the reputable and certified 3rd party PCI compliant payment aggregator with the corresponding account/card details in order to have the transaction processed and payment sent. The user will have the option to store their data with the PCI compliant aggregator for faster checkouts in later purchases, with the exception of the CVC number, where users will be required to provide it every time they wish to make a purchase .(Note: All records containing sensitive data such as the user’s credit or debit card number, its expiry date, and the CVC number will not be stored by NXG, they will however be stored by the PCI certified company, with the exception of the CVC)

Then the checkout screen displays the total price before any payment is withdrawn, taking into account any regional taxes that may apply. (For fees and commissions, please see below).

5- Withdrawal/Payout Policy:

Withdrawals are returned with the same method that the user uses for purchasing the tickets/bundles. We cannot payout and/or refund the deposit to a different payment method. Depending on the chosen payment method and therefore, the payment facilitator (gateway, processor…), a withdrawal time applies. Each payment provider has its own policies regarding withdrawal time. To learn more, click here.

NXG is not responsible for any delay because of bank or card issues. NXG is not responsible for any delay if player submits false or inaccurate information.

6- Dormant Accounts and Unclaimed Earnings:

Dormant Account:

An account is considered dormant after 365 days of inactivity. Inactivity: Inactivity period begins the day after a user last logged in to NXG’s Site. All users will be sent monthly emails after 180 days of inactivity notifying them about their inactivity and specifying how much GPs, SDs are in their account along with any tickets they have, and how long until their account is considered dormant. If no activity persists at the end of 365 days, another email will be sent notifying the user that their account is now considered dormant.

All users with dormant accounts will be sent emails every 3 months notifying them that their account is now dormant.

A user must log in for his account status not to be dormant anymore.

After an account is considered dormant, earnings held in the account will become Unclaimed Gravity Points (UGPs).

Unclaimed Prizes:

All Gravity Points held in a dormant account will become Unclaimed Gravity Points (UGPs).

UGPs are not withdrawable and must be used to purchase any item from the shop. UGPs will be held in a separate section of the user’s NXG Wallet called the Unclaimed Gravity Points (UGPs) and can only be used to purchase anything from the NXG Shop.

NXG charges a 5% monthly maintenance fee on dormant accounts. The fee is deducted from the outstanding UGPs balance every 30 days starting from the date the account became dormant. If there remains an outstanding balance of UGPs after 365 days of the account becoming dormant, the holder of said account forfeits his entitlement to all remaining UGPs accumulated in his balance, and therefore will have no claim on them any longer.

All remaining SDs held in the account will also be forfeited at the time of the UGPs being forfeited.

7- Commissions, Fees, Costs, Expenses and Charges:

Upon the purchase of tickets and/or bundles:

NXG will bear the cost of paying commission fees to payment aggregators, payment gateways, payment processors, and card providers. For example, if you decide to purchase a 5 USD ticket, you will only be charged 5 USD, irrespective of your chosen payment method.

Please note that the above does not negate the possibility that your specific financial institution may charge you a transaction fee or an exchange rate fee, depending on your location and your financial institution’s regulations. This is not under the control of NXG and NXG is not liable or responsible for the same.

 Upon withdrawal:

The user will be responsible for covering the cost of the withdrawal process, i.e., commission fees and charges due to payment aggregators, payment gateways, payment processors, and card providers.

Example: If a player wishes to withdraw 100 USD of his earnings, he may be charged a 5% fee due to 3rd party payment facilitators, and therefore, may only receive 95 USD to his bank account, exclusive of any other fees and charges that your financial institution may charge you for such a transaction.

Kindly note that the above example is solely for explanatory purposes, and may not reflect the actual fees, charges and amounts that you may actually incur.

8- Return and Refund Policy:

If you made a purchase, you have the right to change your mind and receive a full refund within fourteen (14) days of purchase (the “Cooling-off Period”), but only if you have not logged in or otherwise redeemed or consumed your purchases. However, if you cancel your payment after the Cooling-off Period is over NXG will not refund any payments made.

9- Changes to Services, Products, and Pricing

NXG may, at any time, revise or change the pricing, availability, specifications, content, descriptions or features of the Services or any products sold through the Services. The inclusion of any products through the Services at a particular time does not imply or warrant that these products will be available at any other time. NXG reserves the right to change prices for the Services or any products displayed on or in the Services, at any time, and to correct pricing errors that may inadvertently occur. NXG will communicate any price changes prior to effectively implementing them, and all such changes shall be effective immediately upon posting of such new prices to the Site.

10- Currency

All references to dollars or “$” on the site are references to U.S. dollars (USD). All references to pounds or “£” on the site are references to British pounds (GBP). All transactions will be denominated in U.S. dollars (“$”) or British pounds (“£”) unless otherwise expressly stated. If you make a subscription payment that is denominated in a currency other than U.S. dollars or British pounds, please be aware that the funds will be converted into U.S. dollars or British pounds by our payment processors, or your financial institution and you may be charged a service fee for such conversion. Please also be aware that payment processors or your financial institution may use different conversion rates for payments and refund transactions. The conversion rate used is not under the control of NXG and we recommend that you contact your financial institution directly for more information